Something about me

  • Italian Lawyer, Civil Law Specialist, Entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Founder of Studio Legale Fabiano
  • Former President of the Data Protection Authority of San Marino
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Ostrava (Rome) on Fundamentals of data protection legislation;
  • Independent Researcher - my profile here:
  • Author of books, articles, essays, papers
  • Frequent speaker at national and international conferences
  • NicFab is my blog on which this digital notebook depends.
  • I deepen and write contributions regarding to the impact of technologies (IoT, Blockchain, Robothics, AI, etc.) on Ethics, personal data protection and privacy in the light of current legislation (in Europe, the GDPR).
  • Passionate about Informatics, Technologies, Apple (probably I am addicted … 😀), Linux, Python (I would have much time to learn it), Matrix, XMPP.
  • My creation is DAPPREMO (acronym of Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model), which is a very innovative data protection and privacy model based on set theory and high mathematics.
  • Here my full CV

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  • Bluesky - @nicfab
  • Nostr nicfab 👉 Cick here for my Public Key
  • Keybase - @nicfab
  • X - @nicfab
  • LinkedIn - @nicfab


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To contact me via e-mail, I prefer encrypted e-mail messages, and so you can download my Public PGP Key (inside there is the email address) by clicking here (the fingerprint is 9A85D44AE2D38F19D5FFE2C8655812FCA35B817F).

Otherwise, you can retrieve my e-mail address by running the following command from the Terminal app:

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --receive-keys 9A85D44AE2D38F19D5FFE2C8655812FCA35B817F

I decided to set up my own WKD (Web Key Directory) to provide more security and to make it easier to identify the public keys of my email addresses. Currently, for emails of the and domains, it is possible to “discover” the public PGP keys and check their validity on the WKD with the WKD checker di Jonatan Miarecki (Metacode WKD Checker has been sunsetted on 1.05.2024).

ProtonMail - If you are a ProtonMail user, retrieve my e-mail address by running the following command from the Terminal app (the fingerprint is C10FEA6AF2197D3E733262E03112451F7B96A03E):

 gpg --keyserver hkps:// --receive-keys C10FEA6AF2197D3E733262E03112451F7B96A03E

Thus, if possible, please send me encrypted e-mails message only.

PGP-verified identities

Below you can find verification of the DNS domain and the related subdomains, the XMPP domain, all signed via PGP:

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Things I love

Kermit the Frog ©Disney (retrieved from
Mahna Mahna - The Muppets Show (1977)

I love Jazz

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